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Anne Jackson

i have no idea but i wanna know!


The wierdest dream i had recently was last wednesday night.

we were all at youth camp(but it looked different) and scott told me to get into this suitcase full of ice water. i hesitated but i trusted him.
So i get in the suitcase and its black with red plaid stripes, and all the sudden i can like stick my feet and arms out and there's a place for my head, so its like suitcase costume. Next I'm wondering around this field grass on my way to the lake with the big trampolines and stuff.. so i get in the water and i'm TRYING to swim around in the suitcase costume that obviously doubles as a lifejacket. I'm trying to climb the ladder to the trampoline but i cant do it so i just kinda sit there in the water. and i see my friends that moved away last year and i say hi to them and stuff and i was telling everyone.. BE SURE TO PACK LIGHT WHEN YOU GO TO CAMP.

yeah.. so your not the only one that has wierd dreams.. i have them all the time.


I'm normal. I don't have strange dreams...lol Okay so maybe I do.


LOL. Okay, curiosity is definitely killing the cat...I've gotta figure out who Seth and Sally are. HAHA!!


I can't say. It involved an elephant, a wizard, and a motorcycle.

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